Influenster CoverGirl VoxBox

Received my Covergirl Outlast VoxBox on 12/29/16

I received these products complimentary from influenster for testing purposes

I typically try and stay away from drugstore products because i’m moving my makeup to a more high end section, but this was a very pleasant surprise overall. They equipped me with the tools to create a classy red lipped look (move over T-Swift).

  • Covergirl Outlast All Day Custom Reds 860 Unique Burgundy
    • Pros: Beautiful burgundy red, didn’t come off even after my enchilada meal, great cost, top coat feels fantastic,not sticky
    • Cons: Feels like it can be drying if you don’t use lip balm underneath, can be patchy, maybe takes too long to dry
  • Covergirl Outlast All Day Concealer 850 Medium/Deep
    • Pros: matches my skin color well, hasn’t creased (two hours after application), light weight, amazing applicator in my opinion
    • Cons: none yet, will update if anything comes up
  • Covergirl Outlast All Day Matte Finishing Powder 850 Medium/Deep
    • Pros: Smells good, sheer, lightweight, very matte, good sized mirror that doesn’t distort my face
    • Cons: Applicator doesn’t have a finger holder thing, nowhere to store applicator sponge, bugs me that the sticker logo is off center


I also created a YouTube video of my unboxing and review, stay tuned!


RuthlessUnboxingAndReviews 12/26/16


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