Christian Louboutin Lipstick

This will be a review for the Christian Louboutin Rouge Lipstick in Silky Satin.

From their website:

Inspired by Middle Eastern antiquities and the Art Deco movement, the solid metal body is reminiscent of a precious vial. The turret-like crown cap is topped with a small ring threaded with a silk ribbon, turning the lip colour into a necklace.

Product Description :

  • Glides on lips with an opulent and sensual feel. Sets with a silky satin finish and soft shine.
  • Applies medium to full coverage in one stroke.
  • Features a unique blend of ultra-fine pigments for deep and generous colour.
  • Protects effectively against dryness thanks to a complex of natural oils and seed butters.
  • Lasts with comfort and excellent appearance without feathering for up to 4 hours.
  • Presented in a re-usable black lacquer carton jewelry box including a silk ribbon and a silk carrying pouch.

Made in USA. 
Clinically tested. Formulated without Paraben, Mineral Oil, DEA or Phthalate.”

In my own words, though, the lipstick is nice, but I would not pay $90+ for a lipstick.

How did i obtain this lipstick? My awesome parent in laws (i’m not married, but still…) hooked it up in Christmas 2015 with a Rouge Christian Louboutin Satin Lipstick and i fell in love at first sight. The weight, the sleek black casing and textured crown–to be honest, the sheer sexiness of it all was intense. It looked like it was worth $100, literally.
dsc08848The lipstick came in a black, shiny cardboard case that was a soft, red velvety plastic inside. There was a ribbon inside, attached to the crown, with a dangly black card-stock inscribed in gold lettering, “Christian Louboutin.”

Allegedly, and in all of their marketing materials for their lipsticks, it looks as though you can wear them as a necklace. Personally, that’s a little tacky and the weight of the lipstick might be uncomfortable for my neck, so i’ve never done it. But if you have, more power to ya!

Down to the product itself: It applies in a velvety, silky smooth fashion. It does not spot and it is not patchy. However, the downfall is that if you do not utilize it with a lip liner, the edges will fray after maybe four hours. Is this long lasting? No. It is not resistant to food and smears, but the red is sexy. It might be a SMIDGE too bright for my skin tone,as the color is a true red, red. Red equivalent to that of Mac’s Ruby Woo if it had a satin finish. However, if i use a nice, matte, darker red lip liner all over the lip, this color is truly gorgeous. I will say, though that the red does stick to the lips a little, so even when you’re going through coffee sip after coffee sip, you still manage to leave some residue on your lips and you can easily rub your lips together and spread out the color without having to reapply.

My only real problem with this lipstick has been that i’m far too afraid to take it out with me in public because of course the lipstick does not stand on its own because of its pointed bottom. I’m so afraid of losing a $100 lipstick that I only apply it once before i go out and then I take a much cheaper (I’m talking Wet n Wild here) lipstick to apply over the Christian Louboutin one on dates or whatever.

Fast Forward to 3:00 minutes and you’ll see that i did a comparison of the real Louboutin Lipstick and a fauxboutin case of it that i found on eBay. I wanted to let you all know that they have duplicates (ok, pirated versions) of these lipsticks online. I found mine on eBay not because I was purchasing them with the intent of getting a duplicate, but because I honestly think that even though the originals say “Made in U.S.A.” there was something fishy, or maybe they get their packaging from Asia? Either way, i did a little comparison of the original Louboutin and Fauxboutin packaging because I ended up only ordering the fake casing for the lipstick. BEWARE! If you ever buy products on eBay thinking they’re the real deal 😦


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