Melt Cosmetics Unboxing

I ordered this box from Melt Cosmetics and this is my UNBOXING.

I have heard crazy reviews and raves from people on Reddit and YouTube and Instagram so decided to order some items for myself. I’ll have another post detailing the reviews of the products themselves. Again, this is only my UNBOXING video.

Here’s the lowdown: I’ve been a subscriber to their emails since May 2016 and have noticed that they rarely have sales (IF AT ALL)! However, the key is to subscribe and basically just wait until Black Friday/Cyber Monday. I do not know if they have any other sales which they release, however, this is the only bit of information I have on how to obtain these items CHEAP.

I did the math on the sales that they have and they’re honestly not that great. The 30% off sales ends up being more like 10% off after shipping (which is ridiculous at $7 unless you buy an arm and a leg’s worth of makeup at $75+ to get free shipping) AND THEN there’s that pesky California Sales Tax if you’re in California (like me).

BUT. THEY’RE SO DESIRABLE. So, don’t dismiss them because of the cost (although it’s a huge factor because we’re not all made of money).

They’re definitely a “cult classic” in my opinion and their marketing strategies are so sexy and seductive–yes, that’s how i describe it. They have the latest and greatest crazy-talented makeup gods and goddesses rave about their products while posting amazing, breath-taking photoshopped pictures of their creations online. And then there’s me. You’ll see some pictures of my subpar makeup skills soon –but in my opinion, sometimes that’s all you need to really know that a product works. I trust regular people over makeup artists with 600,000,000 followers and hours of practice under their belt.

Also, they rarely send out email blasts, so they won’t spam your inbox. This can be both a good thing and a bad thing, though because sometimes i forget they exist and my money goes into purchasing other products.

Can you find it at ULTA? No. Only online. Through their website HERE

My opinion as a first-time Melt Cosmetics Customer:

  • Website Pros: Easy to use, easy to checkout, they accept PayPal, beautiful layout with breathtaking images
  • Product Pros: The pans are large, the colors are un-dubeable, the eyeshadows are so smooth, the magnetic “stacking” mechanism of these shadows is genius
  • Cons: $7 flatrate shipping, free shipping on $75+, no rewards system–i just will keep spending my life savings here and get nothing in return
  • Product Cons: Lipstick can be sticky and hard to work with, feels like you’re swabbing your mouth with wax–like if Carmex’s consistency in a tube that’s 2 years old was a lipstick, that’s what it feels like.



Shout out to whomever created their packaging, they are immortal in my eyes! PACKAGING IS TO DIE FOR!


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